Friday, August 2, 2019

Acrylic Sticks

I had been seeing these fabulous acrylic swizzle/stir sticks on every chic bar cart on instagram for months.  I finally reached out to Jordan the founder of Acrylic Sticks and asked about them.   I had to have some for myself!!!  They were first introduced last fall and have been an instant hit.  These fun sticks come in a many fashionable and fun designs.  From a quilted designer bag, to a cheetah, to a taco.  There is someting for everyone.  The sticks are made in the USA, washable and reusable, making them much better for the environment.  The best set of acrylic stick sets costs less than a New York Cocktail!!!!!  To see the full assortment, click HERE.  Bon Weekend!!

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