Monday, August 26, 2019

The Affair Is Back!!!! Season 5

Do you watch the Affair?  I do and I love it. Season 5 began last night.  From the beginning of this show, what I found the most fascinating was the differences in telling the same story from 2 different peoples point of view.  If you are not familiar with the affair, the first half is the week's story from one person's perspective and the second half is the exact story from another character's perspective.  Sooooooo....Back to Season 5.  Which is actually the last season in the much is happening (SPOILER ALERT) 

We no longer have Allyson.
We no longer have Vik.
We really do not know what happened to Cole. Or Louisa for that matter...
We meet an adult Joanne.
We learn that Whitney is getting married.
Helen will have a new love interest, oh and her parents are back...

I read that there is going to be 11 episodes for us to enjoy..I cannot wait!!!  In the meanwhile, here are some pics from the upcoming season!!!

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