Thursday, July 18, 2019

Patio Lighting Accessories...

I just added a few more LED lights to my patio.  I love this concept because they make such a huge impact for so little investment.  The following are my all time favorite inquire about anything featured below, contact Mari Lou of Patdo Lighting!!!

These tall lanterns are perfect. I like them on either side of a door frame or by and outdoor sofa or even on a table as shown below!!!

How cute are these little lamps?  They come in all different colors and really give off a lot of light...I love mine by my grill!!!

Do you remember these small LED lanterns from last year...they are still going strong and friends tell me they think they keep the bugs away!!!!!  PS Do you see my little orange lamp in the back ground??!?!!!??

This Italian floor lamp is my absolute favorite...Sadly I borrowed this from Patdo but it is on my all time wish list...

Mari-Lou told me these ceiling fans are HER all time favorite outdoor accessory.  I wish I had a covered space for one...they are so sleek looking...

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