Friday, June 7, 2019

May Flowers bring June Planters!!!

I am starting to spruce up my outdoor areas.  I am embarrassed to say that a month ago we were in terrible terrible shape.  Our street is being torn up for a con-ed project.  I needed help and FAST!!!!  Enter our amazingly talented sponsor Outdoors Contained.  They perform magic on your ho hum planters.  They will even come and maintain the containers ALL SUMMER, including a water programs so you don't have to worry about it at all....Let the ladies of Outdoors Contained create beautiful planters for you at your front door, on your patio or desck, actually all around the outside of your home. Email to let the sprucing begin!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the post. Do you love the field of furniture? I will bring you some information about the interior. Hope you enjoy it! <3