Friday, May 31, 2019

Im On Outdoor Time!!!!

Everyone is still all about sprucing up the outdoors...myself, my neighbor, my of my friends, Lotte, posted some amazing things on her instagram from Pier 1.  Last year I found the best turquoise round chairs for my cabana there.  Lotte sparked my memory and motivated me to take a look.....Here are some awesome pieces to create your own fab outdoor living space.....

These outdoor plates are fab!!!

This is what Lotte had featured and B&W for outside is sooo chic!!!!

These are great too!! I love the green!!

I am so in love with these chairs!!!

This is exactly what I am looking for for my patio!!

I need this "birds nest" chair too!!

This outdoor sectional is so chic!!!!

So is this sofa....

Love the idea of string lights!!!

These look amazing scattered around a patio

The selection of outdoor rugs is incredible!!!!

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