Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Style Stalking...Dining Room Inspiration

After hosting Thanksgiving last year, I think our largest one yet (with just about 40 people for dinner).  I was cleaning my dining room and by some random chance of bad luck, my glass dining room table on lucite base smashed in a thousand pieces.  I was devastated.  I felt like I was starting from scratch all over again.  I had no idea what to do since the table was such a focal point of the room.  I have worked with World's Away on tons of projects over the years and I did know they had a dining room table that would work for me.  I order it that same day and an embarked on a project to reinvent my dining room.  I had always wanted a metallic grasscloth paper in there, I just could not pull the trigger...BUT now I really had no excuse.  So I went to my inspiration dining room board on my Pinterest and went to work (I have included some of my favorite pins for you)...The wallpaper was put up the weekend that I went away with my book club group, back at the end of  January.  The table took a while to come in but it is finally here and perfect.  The room still needs a rug and I want to get a plant or two and maybe a gold sputnik chandelier,  but its really coming together.  I took a quick shot before I ran out to pick my daughter the other night...

image: grassclothwallpaper.net

image: Houzz.com

image: thefrontlist.com

image: decorpad.com

image: nimvo.com

And right now here is a peek at where we are....I think I am going to add some plants and I am still waiting on a rug.....

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