Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Taking Down the Christmas Tree and Beyond!!!!!!

I hope I am not too late with this post...I received a bunch of requests for ideas on how to store holiday decorations.  I am taking mine down this weekend so I thought I would check out some new storage tips.  Here are a few favorites.....

This is such an easy way to store lights and keep them untangled..
image pinterest

I have seen a lot of funny images of people plastic wrapping fully decorated trees but I do like this idea of a large garbage bag for smaller artificial tree storage.  
image pinterest

I usually store my decorations by room but I do like the idea of storing them by color too!!!

This seems like a much better idea than storing ornaments flat on top of one another!!!

Another great idea to store ornaments, esp the very fragile bulbs...

Hmmmmm.I need to start collecting drink trays from now on!!!!
image HGTV

This is my favorite way to store lights.

I also like the idea of using an umbrella stand to store wrapping paper....good for all year round not just Holiday wrap!!!
image makinglemonaidblog

Another great way to store lights..I am going to try this one!!!!
image organize365

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