Friday, November 30, 2018

More of My Favorite Gifts

I cannot tell you how many times people stop me around town or text me that they LOVE the Amazon gift guide.  I have a whole bunch coming your way in the next few weeks (oh and some non Amazon too!!!).  I hope you enjoy this week's favorite gifts.  There are some real winners here!!  Bon Weekend!!!!


These festive napkin rings are perfect if you are hosting a Christmas dinner or for anyone who likes to entertain!

My son actually pointed this out to me...perfect for a teen age or college age child!!!!!

I love these beaded ornament would be so much fun to get a few and have your girlfriends over for an ornament making party....

There are so many designs to choose from!!!!

They also make a great gift for all ages...this one is sooo gorgeous!!!!

Can you tell I am obsessed!???!??!?!

I read that this sleep aid is on top of many people's wish list....

This is so great as a teacher gift!!!!

My girls are going to LOVE this necklace!!!!

I have seen this "IT" bag on other sites for triple the also comes in so many fun colors!!!

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