Friday, July 13, 2018

More Patio Design

After I did my patio redo post last month, I have been receiving a bunch of emails asking how we did it!!!  I learned a few things about making outdoor living spaces look their best.  An  outdoor space is a huge blank canvas with so many possibilities...
  • Use outdoor friendly finishes (consider outdoor furniture in greys or charcoals).
  • Use lots of indoor accessories to decorate the space (Homegoods is great for this).
  • Buy a rug to ground the space (I still need to do this!!).
  • Lighting, Lighting, Lighting is soo important! (Patdo Lighting has some great inexpensive LED battery operated decorative lights)
  • The more greenery the better!
  • And planters too (they can be mixed and matched)
  • Bold colors are best!
  • Set your outdoor dining table as you would your inside dining table (avoid breakables though!!)
And here are the ideas that were on my vision board.  I love each and every space below.  I tried to incorpoate a little bit of something from each one.  Bon Weekend!!!

image Town and Country

image Kristy Wicks

image good works furniture

image instagram

image AD

image Home Depot

image Traditional Home

image Traditional Home

image Coastal Living

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