Saturday, July 7, 2018

Favorite Things This Week!!!

By now you must realize that my family and I are HUGE Amazon fans.  We order everything for our household on that site!!  Whenever I run into my readers, they always tell me that the Amazon finds are some of their favorite posts so I thought I would try to keep them coming on a regular basis.....sooooo here are some of our weekly favs!!  Bon Weekend!!!

I just bought this for my daughter in pink and blue and it is adorable!!!!

This is called the bloggers bag...I knew I had to order it!!!!!

If you are traveling with your family this summer..this is a must have!!!!

I have been addicted to salon hair conditioning masks..I decided to try this at home one!!!!

I am obsessed with these Pajamas

I always also have this in my suitcase!!

And this tooooooo!!!

I have been burning this candle all summer!!!

I did not buy this yet but it is in my cart for some upcoming long flights!!!!!

Lastly, I have received a bunch of emails asking what luggage I it is..I love it...its HUGE and so has taken me through many adventures with plenty of room and pounds!!!! to spare!!!

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