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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Best Birthday Cake EVER!!!!!!!

For months, I have seen tons of photos of the Flour Shop exploding rainbow cake all over the internet.  It has been all the rage all over New York City.  Fashion Editors,  Socialites and Celebrities are celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with this cake!!!  SOOOOOOOO of course we had get in on the action.  Today is my Birthday!!!!  And I got an exploding cake. .....OMG!!!!  It was amazing...Probably one of the BEST cakes I ever had!!!  We all loved it.  The rainbow cake comes in a bunch of sizes.  It explodes with colorful sprinkles and chocolate balls, when it is cut.  Flour also has delicious rainbow cake push pops AND cake balls!!!!  For more information on Flour Shop, click HERE.  

6 rainbow layers, crean cheese frosting and decorated with sprinkles!!!!