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Friday, June 9, 2017

Le Specs

I am so lucky that the sun has not been shining here in New York because I cannot seem to find any of my sunglasses.  All of my favorite pairs have somehow disappeared.  Sooooo I have been on a mad search for new shapes and sizes.  I figure since I am starting fresh I should try something different...Ok,  so I checked a few sites and OMG!!! I was horrified...when did sunglasses become so expensive???!!!!?????????  I went on my one of my favorite websites, Net A Porter and found a company called Le Specs.  Le Specs was founded in the 1970's but was recently relaunched.  It is an Australian company that combines a street look with a music look and have become a favorite of celebs and fashionistas everywhere!!!!  But I forgot the best part most of the styles are $100 and under!!  I like THESE and THESE and THESE and THESE.