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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Important Home Lead Testing

I recently learned about a very serious issue plaguing our water supply.  Millions of American homes are not safe from lead contamination in drinking water and many of these homes are right here in New York and Connecticut.  In fact, 20% of the lead blood levels found in our children come from water AFTER it enters our properties (EPA).  I did some research and found a company to test our home pipe lead levels!!!!  

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The danger arises when lead, galvanized, or brass pipes periodically contaminate residents' water. This exposes people to lead levels in drinking water above the EPA's recommended parts per billion. In most cases, contaminated pipes only produce dangerous lead levels some of the time, such as when the pipes are agitated. Passing trucks, snow plows, and nearby road work are common ways for lead particles to break loose from pipes and solder. Water can also become contaminated after sitting for as little as six hours.

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Enter, Lead Pipe Testing LLC.  This company will come into your 
home and test your private water line, which runs from the street into your house.  After their analysis, they will tell you if your water contains dangerous levels of lead.  Furthermore, within the past years, local water companies have sent letters to their customers urging them to test the water lines on their properties.  The cost to do this testing is quite reasonable and Lead Pipe Testing will work with your plumber or can recommend one, to help rectify the existing problem, if any. For more information or to schedule you own testing, click http://www.leadpipetesting.com or contact the founder, Dave Thomas directly at 203-912-7032 for a free consultation.