Friday, February 10, 2017

Fashionable Friend Friday

Today's Fashionable Friend Friday is Cate Blanchett.  OMG is she such an amazing actress...I have watched Blue Jasmine at least 1,000 times.  Cate just nails it...totally!!!!!!  When I got an offer to see her on broadway, in the limited run play, The Present, I knew I had to go.  I did not know the story nor what to expect but I did know that Cate was going to be amazing...which she was.  I definitely recommend this production but I also recommend doing your homework and reading up on it.  It is based upon Chekhov's Russian play Platonov and it takes sometime to get all the characters straight but once you do, you will LOVE it, especially Cate!!!  And I have a Present for you, the show runs until March 16th and HERE is a link for discount tickets.  


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