Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wheels Up

I have received a bunch of emails asking for some vacation outfit suggestions.  Whether you plan a beach vacay or a sightseeing expedition, or a little of both, we've got you covered.  A simple dress or white jeans and top can take you miles.  I love to bring a colorful tote, that can double as a beach bag or a catch-all for souvenir shopping.  I pack a few great statement jewelry pieces to tie all the outfits together.  I try to buy costume jewelry on my trips because it is easy to pack and you can wear your purchases all trip long.  I also always bring a couple of different pairs of embellished flats or sandals and a gorgeous clutch to go out to dinner.  This past spring in Miami, my simple black sheath went a long way by just switching out my bag and shoes and jewelry.  Each time,  it looked like a completely different outfit but still chic and crisp.

gal meets glam

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