Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lets Get Organized

I am obsessed with organizing.  I love reading articles on how to stay organized, stick to schedules and save money.  Oh if only I was able to put these suggestions into practice every day!!!!  This is the year!!  I am going to try a new organization method each month and share it with you.  We can to this.....and AWAY WE GO...Let's Organize!!

Since this is our kick start month, I am going to give you two tips......

1).  Go to  you check book....put the new year 2016 on the next 20 more adding the wrong date when paying your bills!!!  I think this is a brilliant suggestion.  I would still have been writing 2015 until the middle of March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2)  Get rid of unnecessary clutter.....lets this be the month we get rid of the following lying around the house:

  • Old Magazines
  • Old Shopping Bags
  • Old Wrapping paper rolls, especially Christmas!!!! (even if you think there is enough to wrap one last present!!!!)
  • Old Tupperware really only need two or 3 max. 
  • Lone socks waiting for a mate...I KNOW THIS IS HARD but just let them go!!!!!!!!
  • Old towels
  • Random Cables and Wires (though I have to do this when my husband is not at home!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Delete your trash and junk folders on your computer
  • Unsubscribe to any unwanted email subscriptions
  • Lastly, dispose of any misc. logo mugs.  Do you really need that Great Adventure Mug from 10 years ago????


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  1. Love this ... All great , very current, very useable!
    Will do ! Very helpful!