Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Change Challenge

This post is dedicated to my good friend Katie!!  She taught me the beauty of saving your pennies, literally!!!!!  I lived with Katie in New York City for many years after college.   She was the best saver.  She loved to pay her credit cards by rounding up the payment!!!!!!!!   She always saved her pocket change.  A few years ago, I started putting all the change I find around the house in two banks, one upstairs and one downstairs.  When they get really full, we go over to TD Bank to their "penny arcade" and cash all our coins in for dollar bills and then start  all over again.  I encourage you to start this fun task.  It is really amazing to see how much accumulates in such a short amount of time.  Here are some cute banks to get you started.  As for Katie, she still has those same coin jars from New York City.  She never turns hers in...just loves to watch them grow!!!  I am sure by now she has enough for a trip around the world -TWICE!!!!  Happy Saving!!!!


Change Challenge

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