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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Affair

All last year, I kept getting recommendations to watch Showtime's series The Affair.  I finally caught up on season 1 over the summer and now three episodes into season 2, I am addicted to the Golden Globe Best TV Series.  The story is of Noah and Allison and the affair they start during one summer in Montauk.  Both are married and their story is full of drama, tragety, love and pain.  The setting is amazing, especially if you spend the summers on the East End of Long Island, you will recognize many of the regualar spots.  I will warn you that it is at times racy, maybe too much for cable TV.  But, the story is worth it, especailly since the hour is broken down into Noah's point of view and then Allison's point of view.  Its really cool to watch how the same situtation can be perceived so differently by two people, down to what clothing each wore.  It makes you think of your own life and how you and the important people in it experience the same things, yet perceive them so differently.  Give The Affair, a try....Let me know what you think!!!

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