Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clutch's Beach Bag

Today we are looking inside the beach bag of Abbie Durkin, the fashionable face behind the stores Pink on Palmer and Clutch with locations in Larchmont, and Rye NY.  Lets see what Abbie's must have are:

My beach bag is The Big Sur by Flora Bella, I really think it’s a steady eddy. I love it since it has that traditional raffia base and leather shimmer straps (a little gold shimmer never hurt anyone). So here is what I have always have in my bag no matter what: Coola Sunscreens since my 2 little boys are extremely sensitive to products. Is as organic as it can be, unscented and they make a sport spray. Lily Pulitzer beach towels from target. (no, I did not stand in line, I’m not that crazy and yes they are amazing and I have about a half dozen) . Oh, how could I forget my Kaplin MD lip balm. People are always so obsessed with SPF for the face and body what about lips? This stuff is the best… it has an SPF, great color and super moisturizing. Speaking of sun protection, I away carry baseball caps for the boys and I have this white sun hat for me. Just some random besides diapers, wipes… we love this new game, Tensi. Its perfect to keep the kids occupied. Obviously, its sad but I cant leave anywhere without my iphone.
Tenzi @ Learning Express White Sun Hat (Mott 50) @ CLUTCH Kaplin MD Berry Lip Stick @ PINK on Palmer Towels @Target Coola @Pink on Palmer Beach Bag @ CLUTCH Lola Beach Cosmetic Bag @ CLUTCH

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