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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chicken N' Dumplings

I have been following blogger  "Call Me Ang" for some time now.  She is a thirty something Lifestyle blogger with a great eye for home decor and fashion.  She is has a golden doodle and any dog lover is OK in my book.  Recently Ang posted an awesome recipe for chicken n' dumplings.  I tried it last week and my 3 food critics LOVED it.  You have to try it.  You will not be disappointed!!!  HERE is a link to her blog!!  Its great!!!

-Shredded Rotisserie Chicken (you can boil your own chicken but a store bought bird makes it   quick and easy - I also only use the white meat)
-Two Boxes of 32 ounce Chicken Broth
-One Family Size Cream of Chicken Soup
-One Can of Water
-Two Cans of Homestyle Grand Biscuits (other biscuits will not work, quarter each biscuit
-One Table Spoon of Butter (optional)
-Pepper (to taste)

    In a 9 quart French/Dutch oven (or the largest pot you own - this requires a BIG pot) combine: chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, can of water, shredded chicken and table spoon of butter. Bring contents to a boil.   Add biscuits to mixture. It is important to add each piece individually. Place lid on pot and simmer for 20 minutes. 

    DO NOT OPEN THE LID AND STIR....this is very important to remember. 

    Note: You can add any vegetables that your family likes.  Ang just likes to keep it simple!!!

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